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TravPro Mobile Partners with the Globus Family

 As another top brand commits, a new leader in b2b2c sales activation emerges.

TravPro Mobile, a welcomed new catalyst for accelerating b2b2c sales training and enablement, has announced a partnership with the Globus family of brands. TravPro Mobile will be developing and launching a completely new platform that will dramatically improve training for agents that work with the Globus family of brands.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to work with the Globus family,” said Jonathan Cooper CEO and founder of TravPro Mobile. “They are exactly the forward-thinking kind of company we want to partner with. One that realizes the old ways of training just aren’t working,” he continued.

Work will include development of an all new training platform for Globus®, Cosmos®, Monograms® and Avalon Waterways®, along with customized Sales Companions™ for each to tactfully arm advisors with the ‘just in time’ sales information to continually add value and have better client conversations long after the training is complete.

“Our partnership with TravPro was driven by more than just a need to simply update our educational content,” said Paula Hayes, VP of Sales for the Globus family. “It supports our commitment to make learning about our products easy and efficient, by providing mobile sales and training apps that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, anyplace.”

Virtual ground has already been broken with the goal of creating one platform for all the four brands. Presently, the focus will be on the North American market and will be localized and adjusted for additional global markets as needed. The platform launch is scheduled for late summer.

About TravPro Mobile:
TravPro Mobile is redefining global b2b2c training and sales enablement. The platform provides anytime, anywhere access to unique and powerful sales content that can seamlessly go from laptop to tablet to smartphone. Beyond training, the award-winning Sales Companion™ enables a greater number of sales reps to easily train, retain, promote and convert more bookings vs. just a few super stars. To find out more visit

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