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Change Has Come To The B2B Travel Space

Recently TravPRO mobile signed an agreement to provide the entire Globus family of brands with a new B2B Training & Sales Enablement platform. Why is this significant? Because it is another indicator signaling change within the trade travel space. And this change has been a long time coming.

A New Generation of Digital Learning Needed

For too long sales training has not kept up. Many organizations have been slow to lean into advancements in technology to help train and maintain an educated sales force. Additionally, the companies providing this training and ongoing learning have elected to carry on business like it’s 2002. They have not invested the resources to keep up with where the world is going.

The results?

One, organizations have flushed millions of dollars away every year on ineffective and outdated programs incapable of delivering the kind of results needed. Two, this neglect has damaged the effectiveness of the travel agent channel.

A new way is needed and a new way has arrived.

Our premise for success at TravPRO is simple. We are going to provide a learning solution based on where the world is going and what organizations need to improve their sales force, not what’s easiest.

It’s simple but requires a different way of thinking. First, organizations need to realize that training is not enough.

In today’s world training is often considered a fixed exercise. In other words, something that starts and ends. And once “training” is completed the seller is now ready to contribute.

However, training in today’s world is not fixed, it’s fluid and ongoing. The training a seller receives no matter how strong or engaging will not be enough. Let me repeat that:

The training a seller receives no matter how good will never be enough.

Here’s why:

Unless the seller puts this knowledge to work immediately, the new-found knowledge will be soon forgotten. This has been proven out in the now famous Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve.

But let’s go even further. Let’s say the seller is able to put the knowledge to work, consider the amount of information coming at us today. The number of messages and distractions hitting us each and every day is mind numbing. It’s impossible to keep up. Moreover, the product is constantly changing forcing sellers to take it upon themselves to stay current. Sellers can’t keep up.

What’s Needed?

For starters, training needs to come out of the Dark Ages. It needs to move out of PowerPoint slides, binders or websites loaded with product specs and details. It has to go beyond text on a desktop computer screen.

Today training needs to be accessible to sellers anytime, anywhere… as the chart below indicates. And it needs to be a combination of text, video, audio and be interactive and inspiring to actually add value.

Additionally, training needs to be supported by continual enablement — making access to this critical selling information and tools available anytime and across any device – laptop, tablet or smartphone… long after the diploma is delivered. Or what we call “Just in Time” expertise!

As shocking as it sounds this aspect of engagement hasn’t changed since the introduction of the online sales portal well over a decade ago! That’s just plain lazy.

These are things I have been talking about for some time and the word is starting to take hold. The Globus family of brands is the latest in a growing number of forward thinking organizations that realize the value we are offering and have joined with us to move forward. And we are grateful to be working with all of them!

This movement is playing out in travel right now…but the need doesn’t stop there. Other sectors suffer from the same neglect. So, for those reading this, if you think your training platform is not keeping up. If you believe there’s a more effective way out there. Let’s talk. I would love to show you how to level up your B2B engagement strategy.

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