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Dragon Trail Partners with TravPRO to Create Innovative Global B2B Training Solutions

February 12, 2018 – Chinese digital marketing agency Dragon Trail Interactive has partnered with travel technology company TravPRO Mobile to help travel brands easily expand their global travel trade training programs into China, through China’s leading mobile app and social media platform, WeChat.

As the Chinese outbound travel market expands and matures, there is an increase in independent travel, but travel agents still play an important role when it comes to booking and fulfillment. Therefore, a solid B2B outreach and enablement program, including training and certification, remains essential for accessing the Chinese travel market.


In 2016, Visit California partnered with TravPRO Mobile to launch STAR, a global B2B training and sales enablement program. To optimize the performance of the program in China and expand its reach into the Chinese travel trade community, Visit California and TravPRO Mobile decided to partner with Dragon Trail Interactive to launch STAR on China Travel Academy, the leading WeChat-based training and certification program in China.

China Travel Academy (CTA), developed by Dragon Trail Interactive significantly improves the speed of access to the training content by Chinese travel trade professionals. It makes the content easily accessible on WeChat, which is almost 100% mobile based. And it leverages the social nature of WeChat to help spread the content throughout the Chinese travel trade community.

“Working together with TravPRO as a solutions partner has enabled Visit California to retain centralized content management of its global training program while offering a localized solution to maximize and facilitate its exposure for the travel trade in China. We look forward to helping more travel organizations and businesses distribute their global content to the Chinese market using the API connectivity we have developed with TravPRO,” said George Cao, CEO and co-founder of Dragon Trail Interactive.

The results have been impressive with thousands of Chinese travel agents completing the training and in the pipeline, all together generating over 220,000-page views training content in the first few months.

“It’s tough to operate successfully within China as an outsider.   The Visit California program is proof as to how quick success can come by partnering with the ultimate insider, Dragon Trail,” shared Jonathan Cooper, founder of TravPRO Mobile.  “This collaboration and API development opens up a superhighway to the Chinese market for all of our clients and those struggling to streamline their global strategy and elevate their game in that region.”

About Dragon Trail
Dragon Trail Interactive is a digital marketing agency specializing in outbound tourism from mainland China to all around the world. Dragon Trail are leaders and experts on the Chinese marketplace and digital landscape, along with navigating its unique complexities and ever-changing regulations. In addition to providing integrated consumer marketing services, Dragon Trail continuously develops proprietary technology applications and platforms through its team of in-house engineers, to help international travel businesses connect with the Chinese travel trade. Founded in 2009, Dragon Trail is headquartered in Beijing, and has an office in Shanghai and an R&D center in Xi’an, as well as international offices in London and Lexington, KY.

About TravPRO
TravPRO is a leading B2B2C mobile software company, headquartered in the US and the Netherlands, and specializing in training, sales enablement and rewards solutions. The company powers global platforms for industry leading client’s in most major markets/countries; with a stronghold in North America and rapidly growing positions elsewhere in Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, South and Central America.

For information about this release please contact:
Ms. Sienna Parulis-Cook
Communications Manager, Dragon Trail Interactive
Tel. + 44 (0)7472 335524






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