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Los Cabos Mobile Training and Enablement Platform Now Available — Stunning New Platform Makes It Easier Than Ever For Advisors To Learn And Sell.

The Los Cabos mobile training and sales enablement program is live and we are all proud of the work we have completed for this destination. We are making it easier and more effective for great advisors to drive more visitors.

The content sets a new bar for fun, cool and informative. And this video is just some of what advisors can expect as they go through our course.

There are three chapters covering all you will need to know about the destination. Each is designed in micro-segments to make it easier for you to fit into your daily routine. And all of this valuable content is available on laptop, as well as APPS for tablet, and smartphone to help increase the ease of learning when and where it’s most convenient to you.

Once training is complete, that is when the magic really kicks in with a resource called Sales Enablement.

Unlike any other B2B program, Sales Enablement helps you retain the information you spent learning, moreover make money with your newfound knowledge. Advisors will be able to easily retain, promote, discover partners and product. We have even built in a mobile sales toolbox to close more sales.

Let’s turn to social….

We all know social selling is a great strategy that delivers new business, but it’s also hard, and it takes a lot of time to generate quality content on your own.

Los Cabos - Sales enablement Platfrom

Los Cabos – Sales enablement Platform

In this program, and all of our programs, every video – image – infographic – map – brochures and other sales collateral has sharing embedded, so with the tap of a button you can send an email or text with a pre-loaded subject line and the content already attached, just add a personal note and send.

It all sounds great, doesn’t it?

But you can’t fully understand all that it can do until you test drive it for yourself. You won’t really understand what it unlocks until you experience it for yourself spent training any off… literally.

Advisors we have made learning and selling easier, more convenient and most of all a worthwhile and lasting use of your time as all the sales and brand intelligence stays with you in the mobile sales companion, for whenever and wherever you need it.
Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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