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TravPRO Mobile Off To A Fast Start In 2019 – Growth Coming From Inside and Outside the Travel Sector

B2B disruptor doubles revenue goals again, year over year. Growth coming from inside and outside the travel sector. Expands offering to include training, enablement, access to China and ambassador content programs

TravPRO Mobile, a disrupting force in the B2B mobile Learning and ongoing Sales Enablement space, is on pace for its best quarter since inception, adding ten new learning and sales enablement programs since the start of the year.

The growth is coming from a number of different areas. The first is a string of new wins that includes Visit Houston, Visit Dallas, DFW International Airport, Visit Fort Worth, Tauck, Visit Wales, Barcelo, Colorado Office of Tourism, Visit Britain, South African Airways, and Sonoma Tourism.

Then there is the growth coming from outside the travel category. Cisco Systems, the tech giant, recently launched a program to help promote their Intent Based Networking technology and tapped TravPRO as the lead vendor for this project. New Jersey-based AmeriHealth Insurance, which provides coverage to over 260,000 individuals throughout the Garden State is also working with TravPRO on a new training program.

“It has been incredible but not an entirely unexpected start to 2019,” commented Jonathan Cooper founder and CEO of TravPRO Mobile. “Clients are fed up with old ways of doing business and the lack of creativity that has existed in the B2B space for too long. When I show them what we are providing, they flip out about the possibilities. And that goes for those inside and outside of the travel space, even with a true heavyweight like Cisco.”

Since TravPRO Mobile launched in 2014 it has been a steady build of DMOs, hoteliers and tour operators. “Not too long ago, our clients came to us looking for a better way to train and engage travel advisors. And we filled that need spectacularly,“ added Cooper. “But our clients are now realizing that when mobile learning is paired with the science of sales enablement and mobile marketing providing advisors with the ability to more easily retain and always be-the-expert — this is blowing our customers away.”

TravPRO | Growth Coming From Inside and Outside the Travel Sector

TravPRO | Growth Coming From Inside and Outside the Travel Sector

In addition to the rapid growth domestically, TravPRO is also growing on the global stage. Through an exclusive partnership with Dragon Trail Interactive, TravPRO is now helping organizations fast track into the largest travel market in the world, China. “The number of travelers in China is stunning but getting to them and getting noticed is extremely complicated. Without the right partner, organizations will spend a lot of time and money and won’t make a dent,” said Cooper. “But we hold the key that can help businesses get right into China Travel Academy the top B2B training on WeChat. And that is when things get interesting.”

And recently, TravPRO has also been selected to launch the Colorado Hospitality ambassador program. This unique program has been specifically designed to help train local, consumer-facing businesses that service tourism throughout Colorado on how to be the most welcoming host and tell the Colorado tourism brand story throughout the entire state. This is the second ambassador program TravPRO has been awarded in as many months. The other is the new Houston Insider program launched for Visit Houston just weeks ago.

“We are not only providing new and innovative thinking. We are providing a full list of services and a strong track record of keeping our commitments and over delivering. The word is getting out about TravPRO and this is fueling our growth,” said Cooper.

About TravPRO Mobile: TravPRO Mobile is a three-time Adrian Award winner disrupting the global B2B sector with a suite of innovative mobile solutions for organizations inside and outside the travel space. This includes cutting-edge training, sales enablement, rewards and incentives, content creation and content curation, market penetration into China, and brand ambassador programs.

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