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(June 28, 2022 – New York, NY) TravPRO Mobile, a disruptor in the online training scene since 2014, has launched today the industry’s first super app, TheSOURCE. TheSOURCE marks a new era for travel agent education and sales enablement. The super app transitions e-Learning to m-Learning, offering access to an engaged community of peers and multimedia content to support real-time sales. The mobile-first platform features content from more than 50 programs that are part of TravPRO Mobile’s ever-growing portfolio of destination, hotel, attraction, and experience partners worldwide.

TheSOURCE has been designed as a next-generation Sales Companion® moving beyond learn-it-andleave-it training programs to create a platform that encourages retention, promotion, product discovery, and sales conversion. Key to the user experience and functionality is accessibility at all levels:

Anytime, anywhere – Adults spend on average 4+ hours per day on their mobile devices, predominantly in native apps. This light download provides always-on access, on any device. Bitesize modules suit modern lifestyles and hybrid working patterns.

All learning styles – Content is brought to life following V.A.R.K. principles (Visual, Audio, Reading, Touch) to make it suitable for any learning style. Traditional content is supplemented by a variety of interactive elements and TravPRO TV.

Valuable content – Program completion is just the beginning. As advisors graduate, they unlock sales tools which are 100% shareable with clients empowering them as professionals. TravPRO Mobile partners can update their app content through the industry’s only real-time CMS.

The Source community – Advisors can connect with 15,000 peers across the global community. TravPRO Mobile’s XPRO events brand enables advisors to attend virtual events and register for IRL events through TheSOURCE.

Analytics – Partners with programs on TheSOURCE have access to a custom analytics dashboard that provides rich data. This helps identify ‘super users’ and ‘super sellers’ and directly connects ROI to training for the first time.

TheSOURCE provides an invaluable resource for Travel Professionals at a time when there are well documented shifts to consumer reliance on the trade. An increase in micro-agencies and remote workers enable advisors to offer a wider scope of expertise. By offering a one-stop solution for self educating, TravPRO Mobile’s innovative approach has been proven. Completion rates for their existing stand-alone desktop programs are twice as high as other platforms and TravPRO Mobile predicts that TheSOURCE will increase completion rates by 70%.

TheSOURCE launches with more than 50 programs including Canada, California, Finland, Great Britain, Peru, Thailand, Central Europe, Tauck Tours, Globus family of brands, Lindblad, Posadas and Leading Hotels of the World. Additional partners provide advisors with the opportunity to upskill on specific areas such as sustainable travel Tourism Cares, Rail Europe) and bespoke modules on this and other in-depth topics are incorporated into other programs. The ability to react quickly and add new modules and content that reflect changing consumer habits, seasonality, and trends is just one of many standout features for partners.

Jonathan Cooper, CEO at TravPRO Mobile says “We launched TravPRO Mobile in 2014 to transform agent education and make it an ongoing necessity rather than a one-off. We patented the term Sales Companion because that’s exactly what it is – something you can rely on and learn from, day in day out. We’ve all been through a rough few years, but by bringing all this together in TheSOURCE we’re making our contribution to the recovery of the travel industry and helping advisors close sales by being on it, across it, able to check up on it, and share it with one tap. Knowledge is power and The Source provides the fuel.”

The mobile app is available for download via the Apple Store here and Google Play Store here.

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