What Do You Know About Millennials?

I Mean Really, Really Know About Them and Their Travel Predilections. Each year MMGY, a marketing and branding organization with offices across the globe, publish a report: Portrait of the […]

The Magic In Micro

In 2015, the analysts at Google noticed something. Smartphone usage was altering search patterns and interactions with content. They called this new development micro-moments and went on to classify them into […]

Training & Enablement for Travel Advisors

Travel advisors and consultants: As the demands placed on you continue to grow — training and enablement will become even more critical to help you grow your business. And honestly we […]

Global Strategy, and reaching China

How strong is your global strategy? Take a minute to watch the video below where I will share some background on our new strategic partnership with Dragon Trail Interactive. And […]

Agency Owners…Now Is Your Time To Strike

On May 1st, Apple Leisure Group and The Mark Travel Organization finalized their merger. For owners and managers of travel agencies looking for an opportunity to take your business to the next […]

The Existential Crisis Facing Travel Trade

Where does this leave you moving forward? Recently I wrote about the dramatic change occurring in the tour operator space with the surprising merger between Apple Leisure Group and The Mark […]