The Existential Crisis Facing Travel Trade

Where does this leave you moving forward? Recently I wrote about the dramatic change occurring in the tour operator space with the surprising merger between Apple Leisure Group and The Mark […]

The Trap of Sunk Cost

And The Steps To Avoid Getting Swallowed By It The plan was straight-forward. Some could argue even foolproof. Reach the summit by 2:00 pm. Anything later and climbers needed to […]

The Merger

The merger and acquisition activity within travel space is always interesting and never without a bit of drama, and this past week was no different.  Apple Leisure Group (ALG) announced […]


UNDERSTANDING THIS NEW REGULATION WILL PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS. The data privacy and associated concerns of your clients are ultimately YOUR concerns, and this article is meant to help simplify a […]

The Learning Revolution Is Here

Are You Ready For It? The recent move by Amazon hiring Candice Thille is a big deal. When a company like Amazon decides to bring this type of talent into […]